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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Tom Popowski - In Memory of Our Deaf Friend (Updated 3/24)

Now, PAH for the Memorial Service annnouncement!


There are two seperate locations of Memorial Services for Tom:
West Trenton, New Jersey and Everett, Washington

WEST TRENTON, NEW JERSEY.....................Saturday May 3, 2008

A Memorial Service for Tom Popowski will be on Saturday May 3, 2008 at Jochem Center, New Jersey School for the Deaf, West Trenton, NJ.

11AM to 12:30PM - Tour of MKSD Museum

1:00PM - 3PM - Memorial Service, Jochem Center

3PM - 5PM - Gathering & Refreshments

For more information, please contact: Click here to get Map/Direction of Forest Park

Or copy n paste this site:

What to bring: Your favorite potluck dish to share. Be sure to also bring your serving spoon.

The Popowski Family will provide drinks/eating utilities (plates, forks, spoons, napkins, etc.).

For more information, please contact:


I want to express our deeply sympathy toward to the family of Popowski: Ron, his family and the parents, Charles and Sally for their beloved son, brother, brother in law, uncle and friend. Ron has put up lot of sacrifices to provide 2 memorial services for both west and east sides of USA (New Jersey and Washington State). I know Tom is smiling up there.

Photo taken at World Deaf Timberfest, Stayton, Oregon

Tom has walked/ran/cycled around the world with his own legs more than anyone I can think of and left thousands of footprints for us to remember.

Tom was originally from New Jersey, went to NTID from 1985 (SVP '85) to 1991. Moved to Northwest (Washington State) in early 90's. His life was full of ADVENTURES! Believe it or not, he has been to 72 different countries, not 10, 3 or 65! Wondered how many miles he has ran, walked and cycled. I am sure he had more mileages than the 1966 Ford Mustang with rebuilt engines.

You, Tom, were tragically taken from us, and that's what makes it so hard. But, we all love you so much and still wish that you were still here. You meant a lot to everyone.

Tom Popowski, 42, passed away peacefully in his sleep at his home in Everett, Washington during early morning hour of Wednesday January 30, 2008 after complications in his liver stemming from colon cancer.

There will be two Memorial Services with one in Seattle, Washington and another one in New Jersey sometime in April or May 2008. Announcements with details of date and location for Memorial Services will be forthcoming in coming weeks.

Tom is survived by his parents Charles and Sally Popowski; and his brother Ron, his wife Jennifer and three kids, Sima, Trista and Trent.

Tom will be sorely missed. Thank you friends, families, teachers, and players. Your life continues to have meaning and you will always be in our hearts and souls. Ron Popowski

Please send your love, support, and condolence to his family (Bro Ron, parents - Charles and Sally) at this email address:

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Building 46'x48' Barn for Horses

Ground broke in June 2007. Raised the dirt about 4 feet high at two corners making a perfect ground level. Drilled/dug 25 holes in making 3 ft diameter and 5 ft deep hole. Installed (25) 14-24 ft posts. Poured concrete in holes to hold the posts. Added 2nd floor for hay storage. 49 stick frame roof truss. 2 dormers. 1 cupola.
4 horse stalls, one tack room, wash room and woodshop on main floor.
Our horses are so HAPPY! How do I know?? Because they left plenty of dungs in there!